Bröllop // Wedding // Boda Gran Canaria: Klara & Rickard


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This blog post will be in English for Klara & Rickard's non-Swedish friends and family!
One of the last days of October, I received an email:
"My sister Klara is getting married to her high school sweetheart, in the Swedish church, Gran Canaria. They were a couple as teenagers. Last winter they met by coincidence at Las Canteras in Las Palmas, at a restaurant right below our parent's flat, and they instantly fell in love again. Now they are getting married and we'll be having the wedding dinner at that same restaurant where they met again..."
Could I perhaps be their photographer, as a wedding gift from some of the families? It's quite soon as well, just two weeks away!
Well...let me think, haha! I couldn't really say no, could I! :-) I've loved and travelled to Gran Canaria since I was a child. That was the beginning of a faboulous November trip, with three different days of shooting: the Meet & Greet Evening, the wedding day, and the champagne breakfast the day after.
So, Klara and Rickard: such lovely, warm people. They say they are not so alike, but I say two peas in a pod! The most important thing for them was to be with family and friends that whole week, to have time for everyone. They'd made everything so nice, well chosen places and themes and clothes and weather - so extremely lovingly and thoughtful.
I've picked some (ok... quite many) favourites of the photos to show here.
If you'd like to completely go bananas and see lots and lots of images, just scroll directly to the slideshow links at the bottom of this post and click PLAY!
Make sure your speakers are on, and try to watch on a large screen the first time (they are also compatible for smart phones/iPads).
Short version (4 min) here.
Long version (12 min) here.

Playa de las Canteras, Las Palmas
Svenska kyrkan (Swedish church), San Agustín (tack snälla kyrkoherde Eva, för en fin vigsel och också för ditt välkomnande och hjälp med svar på frågor!)
Hotel Melía Tamarindos, San Agustín
La Oliva Restaurante, Las Palmas
Hotel Reina Isabel, Las Palmas
(and Tim and I stayed at Vings Riviera Beach i Playa del Cura, an excellent hotel where we've stayed a few times before)

Postat av: Julia

Älskar verkligen dina bröllopsbilder!

Själv väldigt fotointresserad så det är väldigt inspirerande att se dina foton :)

Keep up the good work!

Svar: Tack snälla Julia! Så glad jag blir!
Fotograf Mette Ottosson

2015-03-21 @ 11:40:19

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