Mia & Gareth (bröllopsfotografering Ängelholm // Barkåkra // Skälderviken // Klitterhus)

I am "throwback blogging"! The last few seasons has been so busy I only had time the quickly blog single images. Here's a bunch of full blog posts of past weddings and other assignments, coming up! /M.
From our very first contact before her wedding, Mia and I were on the same page. She is a graphic designer and AD, and I just love her eye for design, colors and detail. As a 19-year old, she was awarded "Young Entrepreneur of the Year". Mia makes graphic identities, advertising campaigns, cook books, and lots of other things! When preparing for her wedding shoot, she put some of my images together that just made them stand out in a fantastic way - that's amazing, when look at your own pictures every day and then suddenly see them in a whole new context.
By no surprise, Mia has an equally loveable husband, Gareth. I haven't met their son Leo yet, but he looks adorable. The whole wedding day was filled with such warmth from friends and relatives.
Mia and Gareth live in Manchester, but got married in Mia's hometown Ängelholm. Ceremony in Barkåkra church, reception at Mia's parents' house, and dinner/party at Klitterhus.
Here's their wedding story. It was a fantastic day.
Hope to see you soon again, sweeties :-)

Postat av: Magdalena

Som jag längtar till sommaren när jag ser bilderna! Jättefina! Vilket fint brudpar!

2014-03-26 @ 17:07:34

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