Madeleine & Jojo (bröllopsfotografering Höganäs // Krapperups slott // Grand Hotel Mölle)

I am "throwback blogging"! The last few seasons has been so busy I only had time the quickly blog single images. Now a bunch of full blog posts from past weddings and other assignments, are coming up! /M.
Once upon a time in the Filippines, attorney Jojo went to a yoga class that Swedish Madeleine was teaching... and the rest is history :-). Three years later they got married here in Sweden. Madeleine & Jojo are such humble persons, very very sweet - and look so good! They live in Manila, and are now expecting their second baby :-)
Portraits from Krapperup's castle, ceremony in the Mölle chapel and the following fab party at Grand Hôtel, also in Mölle:
Hope to see you guys next time you are in Sweden!

Postat av: Meta Ottosson

Ett riktigt "sagobröllop"!

2014-03-26 @ 10:38:37
Postat av: Magdalena

Gud så söta! Jättefin klänning! Och tanten också, hon är ju helskön!

2014-03-26 @ 17:09:42

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