Wedding photography Magnarp / bröllopsfotografering Ängelholm: Sofia & Björn

(blog post in English for the non-Swedish speaking friends and family)
These two... they are absolutely endearing. Sofia is Swedish and Björn is German, and after months and months working in separate countries, travelling back and forth, and countless hours of Skyping, they are now finally living together fulltime here in Sweden. And fluent in each other's languages!
Let me tell you: they adore each other, beoynd imagination (and the photographer can't help but adore them ;-)
We had so many laughs (and quite a few tears!) and they were so much fun to be with! These are their wedding portraits, shot in Magnarp.
Have fun on your honey moon, sweeties!

Postat av: Mr T

Åh fint å fina!!!

Svar: Tack tack tack ;-)
Fotograf Mette Ottosson

2014-06-05 @ 17:38:11
Postat av: Magdalena

Men guuuuud vilka fina! å så mycket känslor! Och färgerna, det där gröna är helt gudomligt!

Svar: Visst ÄR de? ;-) TACK!
Fotograf Mette Ottosson

2014-06-05 @ 17:46:06
Postat av: Meta Ottosson

Och änglavingarna!

2014-06-06 @ 17:53:41

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