Gravidfotografering: Juliane från Tyskland // Pregnancy shoot with Juliane from Germany

Well, it's not every day someone travels from Germany to have a photo session with *me* - fantastic! Juliane from Berlin became "my first international pregnant customer" as she called herself, very nice title I think.
We met at Dragsö camping outside Karlskrona. It was an evening in June, when our dear Swedish summer were at it's best. And alright... she did have another very good reason for the trip as well: to spend some quality time with her mother - both of them such nice people!
Here's Juliane the Gorgeous:
... and with her mother! Very cute together. My favourite is the last one :-D
Hope to see you again, sweeties!

Postat av: Josefine Svärd | FOTOGRAFIER

Älskar bild nr.5!

2012-10-09 @ 17:48:45
Postat av: Becca

Otroligt fina bilder!

2012-10-09 @ 22:09:36

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