Bröllop/Wedding Bosjökloster: Crystal & Dan (Chicago)

Since Crystal and Dan live in Chicago, we didn't get a chance to meet before their wedding day - but that made no difference whatsoever. They are such sweet and fun people! Me and my assistant for the day, Ulrika (who did a great job), both took an absolute immediate liking to them. And can you imagine planning a whole wedding from the other side of the world? That's impressive.

Bosjökloster is a dream for a wedding photographer. The garden, the castle, the tiny little perfect sets everywhere. And... rain. But Crystal and Dan just stayed superhappy campers through the whole photo shoot - I couldn't have wished for more a easy going couple.

Let me present, the day of the Fabolous Anderssons:

It's always hard to pick a favourite from a whole day of shooting a splendid pair of sweeties... but this is mine:

It was, a l.o.v.e.l.y. day. Thank you Crystal and Dan!

Did you find a favourite image? You are more than welcome to write a comment in Kommentarer! Please write in English if possible. Thaaank you!

Postat av: Hanna

Wow vilka härliga bilder!

2011-02-26 @ 16:35:37
Postat av: becca

Riktigt fina bilder :)

2011-02-26 @ 17:13:46
Postat av: meta ottosson

Skorna på stolen och hatten på damen!

2011-02-26 @ 17:27:15
Postat av: meta Ottosson

F'låt - damen och hatten, skulle det förstås vara!

2011-02-26 @ 17:28:42
Postat av: Anneli

The one where the groom has his hand on the side of her forehead (heter det så? pannan alltså) and the looks up at him! Fantastic!

2011-02-26 @ 18:08:22
Postat av: Natalie- It's all about attitude

Vilken läcker blogg du har!

Och du skriver intressant för övrigt!

Ta hand om dig, kram!

2011-02-27 @ 00:51:49
Postat av: Katrin Svensson


2011-02-27 @ 14:31:52
Postat av: Jennie

va vackra bidler :)

2011-02-27 @ 17:14:50
Postat av: Vinnarlinda

Gorgeous! I especially like nos 18 & 22. 18 has such a great light behind the couple kinda thing and in 22 the flowerbed is beautiful, and the lake in the background. Awwwwww ... Wishing them a happy marriage and how wonderful to have your pictures to help them remember their big day.

2011-02-27 @ 20:57:35
Postat av: Linda i Ludvika

Snacka om att präst och brud matchar varandra- samma färger i stolan (Heter "halsbandet" så??) som i buketten.

2011-02-27 @ 21:58:45
Postat av: Ingrid

Mycket vackra bilder Mette!

2011-02-28 @ 19:42:33
Postat av: Anneli - A'la Foto

VIlken fantastisk brudbukett! Den gillar jag! Fina bilder på ett vackert par! :O))

2011-02-28 @ 22:46:45

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