Wedding: Maria & Rasmus (Switzerland), Båstad & Margretetorp

(this post will be in English for all their foreign friends)

Maria and Rasmus are both Swedish, but since 2008 they live in Switzerland. They are absolutely gorgeous people, so warm and generous from the first minute I met them, and it was all joy and fun to spend a day with them last August.

We started out at Mariakyrkan in Båstad. I think Maria started crying already outside church... she was so cute and all of the guests just Aaaah'd when she passed by:

And there were loads of those moments during the whole ceremony - even the photographer shed a tear here and there (kinda hard to focus when doing that... so I desperately try not to, but sometimes it's just so moving!)

It rained, but just a little bit during this:

So when we arrived to Margretetorp, it was all good for shooting the portraits outdoors.
Handsome Mr. Nanhed:

And his faboulous wife, Mrs. Nanhed:

They are so much in love. It surrounds them like an aura. I think those two images are my favourites:

After the portraits; party!

Quite often I attend the dinner at weddings, and all so often I sort of get stuck there - with no wish to go home. Instead I want to hear all the fun stories, jokes and speeches. Maria and Rasmus' wedding was no exception. On the contrary, I doubt I ever laughed so much!

Thank you so much for this fun day, M & R - it was great! Hope to see you again!

Postat av: NinaKatarina

Nice =0))

2010-05-06 @ 18:23:16
Postat av: Sarasnaran

What a fabolous couple!

SO beautiful!

2010-05-06 @ 20:58:46
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Postat av: Just Another Crazy Blonde - With Just Another Stupid Blog

Vackra foton som attan!!

Du ger massa inspiration inför mina bröllopsfotningar i sommar :D

2010-05-06 @ 21:15:17
Postat av: Ida

Helt underbara bilder. Du fångar känslan på ett helt fantastiskt sätt. Nästan så jag fällde en tår till dessa bilder, så mycket känsla. Bra jobbat!

2010-05-07 @ 08:48:45
Postat av: Solveig

Älskar bild nr 7 där bruden springer på kyrkgången! Kram

2010-05-07 @ 10:51:13
Postat av: Ullis

Åh! Bilden på bruden med slöjan (the fabolous wife) - strålande vackert!!!!

2010-05-07 @ 11:21:20

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