Improper Bostonian & Ermenegildo Zegna

While we're on the Boston Theme... The Improper Bostonian is one of the magazines I used to work for when I lived in Boston. So much fun! Every week I shot all kinds of people, events and news for them. It was back in the good old 90's and nothing but analogue negatives.. but I've kept all the magazines:

(the top portrait I had about 30 seconds to shoot, it's Gildo Zegna in a stairway behind a conference hall)

Some day (when I retire?) I'll scan all my 15,000 negatives and see what's in there :-)

Postat av: Emma Roodla - Foto

Visst är hon, tackar :)!

2010-04-23 @ 11:48:49
Postat av: Emma Roodla - Foto

Så lite så, du är så grymt duktig :)!

Tack så jätte mkt :)!

2010-04-23 @ 11:49:21
Postat av: Nilla

Sounds like an amazing experience!

2010-04-24 @ 12:08:42

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