Jessica & Becker

On Tuesday and Wednesday , I went to Gothenburg for the so-looked-forward-to-days with Jessica Claire and Becker, two of America's most popular wedding photographers. I could go on forever on all the things useful from those two days, but I'll just boil it down to super-inspiring, a-billion-ideas-boosting, and a hard kick in the butt to get on with things that's been stored in piles and shelves too long!

(Thank you Jenny Blad & Scandinavian Photo for the opportunity and Roger Tåli & Canon for letting us try all those great lenses! And a great bunch of goodgoin!'s to all the fellow photographers there, it was so much fun to finally meet you.

For those of you who haven't already seen a million varieties (at the other attenders' blogs) of this sweet modeling couple Angelica and Alex, here's a few. We started out in the streets of Gothenburg and went on to Gunnebo castle. Let me just show you first what it looked like, fifteen shooters, one couple... It was definitely a new experience not getting neither full attention or free angles :-)

One could always try new ideas, like shooting through Jessica's arm... but no.

Instead a lot of fast shooting for details and the other photographers took place:

Jessica using the faboulous 200 mm 2.0 which many of us borrowed from Canon:

Me shooting Becker, casually shooting all of us:

Karin Linde
brought her Lensbaby:

Jenny Sandberg was even more sweet, fun and cute than you could imagine from her blog. She's assisting me at a wedding now in June, looking forward to that. We might talk a bit about pens... since she seems to be even more of a pen-fetischist than me, hehe.

(PS. There's only ONE thing wrong in this image...any guesses?)

Gunnebo castle was perfect. And had a lot going on, garden workers everywhere.

Colorful photographers...?

Actually, I did get some images of the models as well... those of you who follow me, know that I am always looking for that natural, unguarded and unposed moment. Tricky with professional models who are great at working constantly, but I got a few of each!

I'll end this post with Jessica showing the models how to... ;-)

Thanks, y'all, it was fun!

(I also went home with a long list of blogs to check out - it'll be a challenge not to get stuck at that for the next few days.)

Postat av: Ullis

Åh vad härligt att få en glimt av dagarna, så att man för en sekund kan känna att man nääääästan var där (ehmmm...). :) Fasen vad jag grämer mig över den dåliga tajmingen för min del!!!!

Älskar som vanligt dina detaljbilder, ingen kan dem som du.

2009-05-17 @ 17:33:26
Postat av: Solveig

Outstanding som vanligt! Du är bäst!

Kram / Solveig

2009-05-17 @ 17:36:52
Postat av: Karin Linde

KUL att se dina bilder från dagen! Snyggt med flaire på den vid Gunnebo! Jättefina!

2009-05-17 @ 18:26:29
Postat av: Karin/Bilder bland annat

Är såklart fruktansvärt avundssjuk för att jag inte hade möjlighet att ta mig dit, men nästa år så. :)

Men inte är det väl 135mm hon använder på bilden?

Kram Karin

2009-05-18 @ 09:41:24
Postat av: * M E T T E * *


Nej, nej, Mette fick ett mycket sällsynt men dock förekommande hjärnsläpp, 200 mm är det såklart :-D

2009-05-18 @ 12:37:25
Postat av: Mikaela

Jättesnygga bilder!

2009-05-18 @ 14:26:23
Postat av: Emelie

Jättefina bilder! Och häftigt på näst sista bilden där ljusreflexen nästan formar ett hjärta i nedre kanten av bilden. =)

2009-05-18 @ 20:36:26
Postat av: Eva Johansson

Ooohh! Stiligt :-)

Gillar särskilt bilderna du tagit på klänningen!

2009-05-20 @ 11:30:52

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