Wedding // bröllopsfotograf Ängelholm: Linda & Weng Yen, part 1

Alright, take a deeeeep breath 'cause there are a few long posts ahead :-)

Since the first time Linda e-mailed me, I felt like she was a good old friend. She's Swedish and grew up in Skåne. Weng Yen is from Klang in Malaysia, they met in Amsterdam and now live in Sydney, Australia - so I guess you already figured out why this post is in English :-)

Anyway, when we finally met in September it was all fun, both Linda and Weng Yen are so easy going and relaxed! Though it was a long day (about 13 hours of shooting) it didn't seem like that at all, but more like hanging out with friends and a camera :-)

On their wedding day, I followed Lindas preparations. We started out at Larsson & Lange in Ängelholm, for hair and make up. You know they always look lovely to begin with :-D

Linda was a great looking bride, very stylish!

For the first part of the day, Linda wore a Cheong Sam (Chinese dress). Earrings to match...

...and then we left for the tea ceremony at Linda's father's house. This is a Chinese tradition where the younger serve the older tea, and they also exchange gifts and small red envelopes (Ang Paw) with money for good fortune.

Linda and Weng Yen serving tea:

(So that's what's going on in this image from yesterday's post)

After the tea ceremony Linda, her sister Sara, and her sister-in-law Sue Ann (whom you've seen before in this post!) went downstairs to prepare for the church ceremony.

Out of one dress and into another...

And this post I will end with sweet great looking Sara, Linda's youngest sister and Bridesmaid!

There is more to come... I'll be back later today or tomorrow!

Postat av: Fotograf Marie Walther

Underbart vackert Mette! Bra jobbat! En fråga: Använde du endast det befintliga ljuset när du fotade dessa inomhusbilder och höjde ISO-talet (hur högt?)? När jag får min nya 5D (jo du, det blir en sådan) hoppas jag kunna gå upp till höga ISO-tal utan att dra ner på kvalitén (som det blir på den gamla 5D)

2009-02-17 @ 12:06:26
Postat av: Fotograf Emelie Ohlsson

Superfina bilder som vanligt =)

2009-02-17 @ 12:31:03
Postat av: * M E T T E * svarar

Tack snälla ni!


Jo, befintligt ljus på alla bilder, ISO 1000 på just dessa!

2009-02-17 @ 12:56:29
Postat av: camilla

Verkligen jätte fina bilder! :D

2009-02-17 @ 19:02:44
Postat av: Ann-Louise [En bulle ur ugnen]

Helt fantastiska bilder! :)

2009-02-17 @ 19:25:41
Postat av: Ullis

Såååå många fantastiskt fina bilder!!! Är extra svag för detaljbilderna, och i synnerhet tekoppen som delas mellan fyra händer! Lovely.

2009-02-17 @ 20:55:55
Postat av: Anonym

underbara bilder och vilken fin hårupsättning!!

2009-02-18 @ 13:36:11
Postat av: hemmabloggaren

Vilka bilder, vilken stämning, vilket ljus, jag blir helt lyrisk över dina bilder. Bravo!

2009-02-18 @ 19:34:53

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