Wedding: Anna & Guy, April 18th 2009

Swedish Anna and British Guy live in the UK but decided to get married in Sweden and beautiful Mölle kapell. I seriously doubted that I could fulfill their wishes on "nice photos in a park" since the wedding took place on April 18th... but that date woke us all up with beaming sunlight and probably the first really warm day of Spring!

True to British tradition, the couple's first sight of each other were to be in church so that's the starting point for the shoot:

Yellow was the theme:

And the chapel was gradually filling up with happy guests:

One handsome groom anxiously awaiting at the altar...

...for his beautiful bride:

My favourite of the day (Guy, what did you really whisper to her above?):

Getting in to the fine old car, next stop Sofiero slottspark (where by the way, the entrance staff always are remarkably nice to all wedding couples!)

Anna & Guy are a perfect match:

Romantic cuff links with their names and date (might be a bit small on this image but it's there!):

Guy and the boys:

Anna's dress and the whole party in nice back light going through the park:

The dinner was held at Jacob Hansens hus in Helsingborg (fantastic half-timbered brick, built in 1641!). The courtyard is definitely made for wedding receptions with happy couples...

...and really cool looking guests:

The dining room and table settings will complete this post:

Thank you Anna & Guy for letting me be a part of your Day, you looked "smashing" :-D
Hope to see you again in the future!

Which image do you like the best? You are most welcome to write a comment in "Kommentarer", preferably in English please, so that Guy and the foreign guests can read them as well - thank you!

Postat av: mammakero

Som vanligt har jag svårt att plocka ut någon bästa! Är det inte vackert så det bländar, är det sött! Är det inte stilrent, så är det "catchy details" (låter bättre på engelska). Trots det ska jag - fast det tar emot - välja ut tre favoriter! Bästa kyssen nr 18, faller under catchy details.

Mest romantik nr 19, (kysser på pannan) faller under sockersött.

Bästa parbilden nr 20, faller under stilrent!

2009-08-17 @ 15:34:46
Postat av: Solveig

Gorgeous pics as always. They will love these! My favorite is nr 20 I think...Kram/Solveig

2009-08-17 @ 16:56:35
Postat av: Emma Sandström

Älskar "pussen på pannan" och den där de går... Underbart ljus!

2009-08-17 @ 18:12:46
Postat av: stina

Great pictures Mette! And what a beautiful couple! I just love the rice picture - and of course all the others too. :)

2009-08-17 @ 19:23:34
Postat av: Vinnarlinda

Awwww, they're lovely, both the pics and the couple. I particularly like number 10 (church giggling) and 20 (portrait). Best of luck to you both from another Sweden-England couple!

2009-08-17 @ 19:31:27
Postat av: Fredrik Setterberg

I like the holding hand photo the best!

/ Fredrik

2009-08-17 @ 19:34:31
Postat av: * M E T T E *

Thank you all! I am sure Anna & Guy will love your comments :-)

2009-08-17 @ 19:45:48
Postat av: Ann-Louise

Åh, vad vackert, lite Jane Austen-varning och Shakespeare på samma gång. Lavvli!

2009-08-18 @ 13:29:40
Postat av: Stort och smått

Lovely photos, as always Mette. And such a beautyful couple!

2009-08-18 @ 21:50:59
Postat av: Anonym

Fantastic pictures!!! (as always!)

I absolutely LOVE the one with the bride stepping out of the fab car!

I also LOVE the bride´s hairdo!!!!

2009-08-18 @ 23:32:18
Postat av: Jenny

Alldeles ljuvliga bilder, Mette! Det som är roligt är att min syster hade också sin bröllopsmiddag i jacob hansens hus

2009-08-20 @ 15:14:36
Postat av: Mats

Kalasfina bilder! Mer behöver man inte säga.. :)

2009-08-21 @ 10:16:26
Postat av: Ida

Oh, superfina bilder. Du har verkligen fångat glädjens ögonblick och du har verkligen fångat glädjen i allas blick. Jag blir jätte glad när jag kikar på fotografierna. :)

2009-08-21 @ 14:04:42
Postat av: Hanna

Väldigt fina bilder!

2009-08-26 @ 02:29:41

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