Bröllopsfotograf // Wedding photographer Torekov: Hanna & Dominik (Switzerland)

Hanna is from Torekov, Dominik from Switzerland, and they live in Beijing! Becuase of this, Hanna and I have been in touch many times via email and we've met three times during this year and a half, to be fully prepared for the big day.

It's been such a pleasure working with this couple - they are so easy-going and relaxed although they claim they are (were!) a bit suspicious about being photographed through the whole day... I couldn't tell! Hanna and Dominik are the nicest couple and I am so happy for being able to join them on their wedding day.

We started at the hairdresser's and didn't stop shooting until everyone sat down at dinner, and it was fun the whole time in between :-) Like I promised, this post contains a lot of images!

When I arrived at Fricks in Båstad in the morning, hair-dresser/makeup-artist Catrin had already started to "make the girls beautiful". Hanna with her nicest hair-do:

Her sister:

And her Maid of Honor:

For being afraid of the camera, I reckon Hanna is doing pretty great :-)

In other words: she's absolutely stunning!

In here a third little family member is hiding for a few more months (that kid will have great parents!)

After all hair and makeup were done, we went on to Torekov for more preparations:

Dominik, not a bit nervous it seems!


And his Best Man:

Necessities like handkerchiefs and sun fan being packed:

(am I the only one who thinks she looks a lot like Teri Hatcher?)

For the portraits we walked around the village:

The flags in the harbour  had been hoisted for the wedding couple!

(can you spot them kissing?)

The shed in the harbour hosts old signs from shipwrecks:

The ceremony was taking place in a beautiful spot, a field right by the sea. Before the guests arrived, we snuck down below the field to get a few more portrait shots:

Dominik starting to get excited about the upcoming event:

You can tell they are very much in love...

Time to get married!

The a cappella singers (who are GREAT by the way! Email me for their contact information!) and the sound manager:

One of my favorites from the day:

And then, time to party! The dinner was held at Torekov Hotell and here are a few details:

Friends and relatives celebrating:

Happiest of them all, guess who...? Hanna and Dominik, who probably continued shining and glowing all night :-)

Thanks guys for an amazing day with lots of fun!

Which one is your favorite from the day?

Postat av: jennie's fotoblogg

Underbara bilder som vanligt! Alltid lika imponerad!

2008-09-30 @ 19:23:00
Postat av: Eva-Lena

Vilka fina bilder. Vad har du använt för objektiv?

2008-09-30 @ 19:43:36
URL: http://www.evalena.blogg.
Postat av: Maria H

Många fina bilder. Flera av dem går rakt in i hjärtat. Vet inte vilken som är min favorit.

2008-09-30 @ 22:14:22
Postat av: Therese

Underbara bilder! :D Och jag älskar hur hans ögonfärg matchar brudbuketten på en utav bilderna. :D

2008-10-01 @ 11:16:56
Postat av: meta ottosson

Tärnans hårfärg! Wow! Den skulle man ha! Eller den vackra äldre gråhåriga kvinnan. Och bruden hade verkligen ingen som helst anledning att oroa sig för kameran! Vacker som en dag!

2008-10-01 @ 11:54:54
Postat av: Vinnarlinda

Eskimåpussen! Och den när Hanna tittar neråt, under spegelbilden.

Så passande med "jungfrun i det gröna" vid en utomhusvigsel! :-D

2008-10-01 @ 12:56:15

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