Annie's family

Annie called me this spring to book a photoshoot of her gathered family - they usually live in different places in Sweden and New Zealand so there wasn't many days to pick from. In August we managed to meet and it turned out to be a sunny and of course fun morning!

We started out at Hovs Hallar with a group shot of the whole family. They are probably one of the easiest groups I've ever shot. First they sat down in perfect order, and then all of them immediately looked at me smiling at the same time = happy photographer!

Annie, Maia, Gavan, Ulla, Bernt, Ulrika, Liam, Oliver & André

But I wouldn't call them very calm... check them out, jumping like crazy!

Since the sun was quite sharp out in the open, we went on to my special favorite spot in Hov to get nicely lit close-ups. All four kids have the bluest eyes I've seen in a long time!

We had to bribe Maia with lots and lots of... corn!

That kept her in a great mood :-)

Don't you just love freckles?

The three cool brothers together:

This last one of Maia is really showing her unbelievably sparkling blue eyes!

Thanks to the whole family for a fun photo shoot, hope to see you all again!

Postat av: Alexandra

Really nice pictures!

2008-09-24 @ 18:19:05
Postat av: Mysmasken

Vilka fina bilder! Gruppfoton som det översta kan vara svårt att få till, men du lyckades ju fint :D

2008-09-26 @ 03:03:28
Postat av: Anonym

vilka ögon alla barnen har! verkligen isblåa. jätte fin kort

2008-09-29 @ 14:51:26
Postat av: Cia

Va fina dom är!!! Du är verkligen bäst på det du gör :) Kramar Cia

2008-09-29 @ 22:09:06
Postat av: [ NADIA ]

Vad söta! Älskar rödhåriga barn! :)

2008-09-30 @ 12:21:52
Postat av: nina

jätefina bilder på jättefina barn

2009-03-13 @ 22:04:10

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