Felicia 2 weeks old & big brother Elias

(This blog post will be in English for the friends abroad)

Remember Felicia who I photographed when she was only 24 hours old? Me and her parents Malin and Mathias had decided earlier to take pictures when Felicia was two weeks into life, and so we did on April 2nd. The family live in a beautiful house outside of Helsingborg. The one family member that I had'nt met yet, was Felicia's brother Elias. I can tell you, he was the sweetest kid - a true life lover who enjoys almost everything! He is a person to learn from, definately.

Can you tell he is a happy little guy?


He started off by showing his books (Way to go! says the book loving photographer):


We played a little with Dad outside the window:


And driving his car through the kitchen (aren't those tiny jeans fantastic?)


This is one of my absolute all-time kids portrait-favorite! Elias is SO excited:


Something else that's quite exciting is his baby sister:


Felicia herself was sleeping through most of the photo session, very cute in her flowery dress:



Not to talk about how sweet and fun she looked from the other direction, this picture makes me laugh every time:


We picked her up to get some images with Mom:


Another one of my favorites:


After a while and some food she woke up, ready to be photographed:



On the wish list was of course some family shots. Like many times, someone had objections...


But we got a few which really shows what a nice little family they are:



After this, we were done. We thought... Elias sat down to have a cuople of crackers and a drink after all the hard work and I just had to continue...

His eye-lashes are incredible!


Things that makes me go "Mmmm!"



Finally, a few more favorites (there is a lot, apparently :-)


I really like the mood in this one:


Once more, THANK YOU so much to Malin, Mathias and the kids for being such great people! I hope to see you soon again!

(To my blog readers: It would be great if you want to write your comment in English so that the family's friends in Texas and elsewhere will be able to read it! Thanks a lot!)

Which one is your favorite?

Postat av: Marie

God. that are some really nice pictures - the person who took them sure has talent and the kids are sooo cute. Pictures like these are what makes me think about having kids NOW =)))

2008-04-23 @ 13:42:47
URL: http://www.metrobloggen.se/marie
Postat av: M.a.m.m.a.J.e.s.s.i.c.a

Gud så fina bilder =)

2008-04-23 @ 13:45:29
URL: http://jyees89.blogg.se
Postat av: Linda

Lovely photos. I particularly like the one when Felicia is lying all floppy in mum's arms, and the B/W one of mum, dad and baby.

2008-04-23 @ 14:17:38
Postat av: Hajen.

Underbara bilder!

Gillar speciellt den på Felicia bakifrån. :))

2008-04-23 @ 16:32:23
URL: http://hajenhellstrom.bloggspace.se
Postat av: Ellen

Fina! Det är kul att titta igenom dina bilder hos familjer och så... :)Jag tycker för övrigt att du borde fotografera Rebecka och Busen igen! Jag har tittat på de bilderna så många gånger. (Nu kanske inte de vill bli fotograferade igen, men ändå.) :)De är så fina ihop.

2008-04-23 @ 20:10:45
URL: http://ellensbilder.blogg.se
Postat av: Mathias The Daddy

Great photos! We so enjoyed the photo session and so did Elias. He definitely loves the camera, Felica takes it more cool!

Mette - You do a fantastic job capturing the moment and the character of people. We couldn't be more happy with the result... thanks a lot!

2008-04-24 @ 08:24:48
Postat av: Elizabeth

They are all adorable (good job, Mette!) but I think the "rear view" of Felicia sleeping is my favorite.

2008-04-24 @ 16:44:37
Postat av: Julia Green

Jag skriver på svenska för att jag är så dålig på engelska :) SUPER DUPER FINA BILDER! Alla dina bilder har en slags känsla eller vad man ska säga, de utstrålar så mycket glädje!

2008-04-24 @ 18:13:46
Postat av: Jenny

UNDERBARA! Du är sååå duktig.
Jag älskar fotot från köket!

2008-04-25 @ 11:13:26
URL: http://www.jennysandberg.se
Postat av: Maddis

Wonderful pictures! My favorite ís the third from the top, when the child plays with his dad.

2008-04-26 @ 14:00:33

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