Wedding photography 2011: Madeleine & Johan - Hotel Majestic Elegance, Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)

(This blog post will be in English for all the non-Swedish readers)

In January I had the fantastic opportunity to photograph a wedding in Dominican Republic. Madeleine and Johan is a Swedish couple who decided to get married secretly in Punta Cana, on the east coast of the island. Imagine my joy when they asked me to join them on this assignment! We left cold and snowy Sweden in the middle of January and arrived to pure paradise. I can't say it felt too much like work...

There's a whole lot more images than usual in a blog post, but I thought you might enjoy some sunny goodies at this time of year!

Although we'd never met before, Madeleine, Johan and their two children Alva and Oscar were very likable and fun to be with from the very beginning. They really enjoy every day! When we kept running into each other in the hotel hallways the week before the wedding, they just laughed and talked really fast all four at the same time to tell us every exciting thing that had happened since yesterday. You can't help but just instantly love'em a lot.

The wedding day started out with the family's preparations in the hotel room. Great talent #1: Madeleine doing her own hair and makeup (she's a former ice princess). Great talent #2: Johan lacing the dress' ribbons reallyreallyfast... (he's a former navigating officer). There is no need for this sentence but I'll say it anyway; they are all gorgeous, cute, handsome and the sweetest you can imagine.

And then, the wedding ceremony. The initial plan was a beach ceremony but to avoid bikinis in the pictures, it was changed to the hotel's gazebo.

The children were the only guests, but that didn't stop anyone from getting emotional. Small weddings get to you, you know? When Madeleine said to Alva "I'm starting to cry now" on their way up the isle, it was hard for the photographer to focus for a bit.

After a few fast middle-of-the-day-images while they were Very Recently Married...

...we took a break and continued later that afternoon instead. The light was incredible, smooth and flowing like liquid. The Punta Cana-afternoons are a dream for a photographer, perfect sunsets for a couple of hours. Every day.

The last part (and the favourite for everyone) - the beach. Imagine being able to shoot here all the time!

A very special and extra warm thank you to the family Ahlström for an incredible time in Punta Cana!

Isn't this family just fabolous? Did you find a favourite image? You are more than welcome to write a line or two in "Kommentarer", that will make them very happy!

Postat av: NinaKatarina

Lucky lucky you....

2011-02-19 @ 17:57:51
Postat av: Nilla

Vilka härliga bilder och vilken ljuvlig plats att gifta sig/fotografera på! MyGod.

2011-02-19 @ 18:44:47
Postat av: Ann-Marie&Jussi

Hjärtliga gratulationer från Stockholm. Vi har tittat på Era fina bröllopsbilder med Lasse och Kersti som är på besök hos oss.

Vi önskar en lycklig framtid för er alla.

Ann-Marie, Jussi, Kersti och Lasse

2011-02-19 @ 18:49:02
Postat av: Janice Salmon

Mette - another huge success - wonderful pictures, and if I had to choose it would be the last one of all the family on the beach. I would like to have you with me at every family event and every holiday.

2011-02-19 @ 19:15:09
Postat av: Malena

Åh vad fint! Ser ut som ett riktigt drömbröllop! Magiskt!

2011-02-20 @ 10:39:41
Postat av: Ida

Vilken fin familj och vilka vackra bilder. Fantastiskt! :)

2011-02-20 @ 14:22:46
Postat av: Emelie Ohlsson

Gud vad härliga bilder!

2011-02-20 @ 14:59:59
Postat av: becca

Otroligt vackra bilder ! :D

2011-02-20 @ 19:54:27
Postat av: Sarasnaran


2011-02-20 @ 22:37:05
URL: http://http;//
Postat av: Florence

Stort grattis.

Vilka underbart vackra bilder och ni är så söta.

Vilken härlig upplevelse att tänka på i detta vinterrusk. I dag har det snöat igen här i S-holm

Kram Florence

2011-02-21 @ 14:49:58
Postat av: FotografOliviaoLsson

Fina bilder.

2011-02-21 @ 15:41:11
Postat av: Linda i Ludvika

Blått hav, sand, palmer, varmt...kan det verkligen vara nå´t? :)

Fantastiskt vackra bilder Mette. Tack för att du och familjen delar med er av dem till oss andra i kallaste, snöigaste februari!!! Det kan behövas lite sol och värme!

2011-02-22 @ 18:02:24
Postat av: Malin

åh vad fina bilder på stranden! Jag har aldrig velat gifta mig. Men det fick ju en att tänka på hur mysigt det skulle kunna vara :D

2011-02-23 @ 00:04:03
Postat av: My

Underbara bilder!

2011-02-23 @ 20:33:56
Postat av: Mysmasken

Gud vilka härliga bilder!

Han måste sannerligen ha hittat den rätta, som låter honom gifta sig i en Hammarby-tröja, hihi :)

2011-02-23 @ 20:34:37
Postat av: ♥Johanna Majkvist♥

Så underbara bilder!!

Jag kan inte säga just vad det är som gör att mina ögon fylls med tårar, gillade verkligen dessa bilder. När dom går på stranden...såååå fint!!!

MVH Johanna Majkvist

2011-02-26 @ 17:47:08
Postat av: Fotograf Matilda Bäcker

Jättefina bilder! Haha skön snubbe att gifta sig i Hammarbytröja! :D

2011-04-18 @ 10:13:05

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