Bröllopsfotograf Höör // Andrarums kyrka : Linda & Stephen

F I N A L L Y I can show you the images from the lovely winning couple Linda & Stephen's wedding! Hang in there, it's a bunch!

(For those of you who are new readers
check out the contest here and read about the three finalists' here! This blog post will be in English for all the foreign friends and relatives.)

On Tuesday April 8th I got up at 4.30 am and drove to Höör, where I met Linda for the first time. She was of course the sweetest person you can imagine! The date is special, it's Linda's grandparents' 75th wedding anniversary.

We started out by shooting her preparations done by Stina at Studio Saga:


Early in the morning but oh so full of expectation (and still a little suspiscious about the photographer, hihi, right Linda?):


It's always so much fun to shoot at the hairdresser's:





Linda had some fantastic flowers in her hair, but I can't seem to remember what they are called...(Linda, please help me!):



She's also very beautiful herself!





The wedding ceremony took place in Andrarums kyrka, Österlen:




The priest giving room for the happy couple to enter the world as Mr and Mrs (be sure to check out the nice details on the church!):


These images are among my absolute favorites and I've already shown them to you, but here they are again för the full picture:



A quiet moment, Stephen and daughter Anna:


Linda and Stephen wished to have their portraits taken at the family farm close to the church. It's located in the middle of the woods with the finest surroundings!

Here are the newly weds:


Shining, both of them:


The family tradition says, all wedding couples should have their photo taken sitting on the old milk bench. This is a special one:


The bouquet had really crisp colours, and also some of the flowers-without-a-name:



This is another one of my favorites:


The gorgeous children, Anna and David:



Anna again, can shoes get any cuter than this?


After shooting all the portraits (in the quite cold April afternoon), it was great to arrive to Ringsjö Krog & Wärdshus.


It's located right by the lake Ringsjön, south of Höör, with the most romantic surroundings:


They also performed excellent service, great food, and everyone was very well taken care of! This is a restaurant I really recommend for those of you looking.

Soup and fish was on the wedding lunch menu:



...and greetings that made all of us teary eyed:


David was a great little guy who took serious interest in all the exciting things going on. Opening the gifts...


...inventing new ways to use a candle stick...


...and last but not least, guarding the cake:


That's definately one of the funniest cake pictures I've ever taken, I laugh a lot every time I see it! Thanks David :-)

The cake was made by Shelley Nichols at Ultimate Cake in Malmö and was perfectly designed from the inside and out. Looks yummy, doesn't it?




I wish Linda, Stephen and their kids all the best, and thank you so much for letting me into your life as your wedding photographer! It was great meeting you and I hope we'll meet again.




(If you want, it would be great if you wrote your comments in English as well, so that everyone understands - thank you! /Mette)

Postat av: Madde

Amazing photos!!

2008-05-22 @ 20:04:11
Postat av: Linda & Stephen

Our very dearest Mette - thank you ever so much for being there all day, getting up in the middle of the night, being just as gorgeous in person as you seemed via e-mail and phone and taking beautiful pictures. You were a big part of making our day extra special and the memories we'll have because of the pictures are truly amazing. Lots and lots of love and hugs and kisses
Linda & Stephen (and kidlets)

P.S. The flowers are called masterwort/stjärnflocka/astrantia major ;-)

2008-05-22 @ 20:38:09
Postat av: * M E T T E *


if anyone EVER wondered why being a wedding photographer is the best thing you can do, I hope you understand after the above comment - Linda and Stephen, you make my MONTH every time you write all those nice things to me! Thank you SO much!

The Very Touched and Happy Photographer

2008-05-22 @ 20:49:26
Postat av: Anna HK

Underbara bilder =)

2008-05-22 @ 21:30:20
Postat av: Olof Bråliden (the priest)

Fantastic photos Mette!
When I see theese photos it seems like it's summer everywhere because you have caught the warmth and love in all your pictures.
Still I remember a quite cold wind coming from north and some of us needed gloves and scarfes to handle the coldness of early spring. But Linda and Stephen they are just shining and warming each other in the most beautiful way. Lovely!!

There are many beautiful details that you have caught during the day. I like the picture of David when he is in front of the wedding cake. II wonder what he is thinking?

My best wishes to Linda, Sthephen, David and Anna!

Nice to meet you Mette and nice to see the result of your work with your camera!


2008-05-22 @ 23:43:35
Postat av: Pia

Thank you so very much for making it possible for us here in Texas to feel like we can participate to some small extent in the lives of our Swedish family. The images are beautiful - the bride is gorgeous and the groom as handsome as can be. Just a small practical ceremony, huh ...
Thank you Mette for giving them a way to remember, and for letting us peek in ...
*picking at the something in my eye that seems to have gotten stuck there ...*

2008-05-23 @ 02:18:57
Postat av: hanna b

oooh, vilka himla fina bilder! inspirerande nu när jag själv ska fota bröllop snart! :D

2008-05-23 @ 08:02:59
Postat av: Ulrika

I have to say a big thank you aswell for posting these lovely pictures on your blogg, so I could share their wedding day from England. Great to see them so happy, they do really shine. Who would have though that all those years ago in a dark club in London, that the tall skinny guy would end up being Linda's husband!!!

2008-05-23 @ 08:48:29
Postat av: Anonym

Lovely pictures - wonderful wedding
- nice people
thank's for letting us in portugal see + take part
for all 4 of you
love aunti anita

2008-05-23 @ 09:52:32
Postat av: Pernilla Söderkvist

När du upptäcker att det börjar rinna små glädjetårtar från kinderna när du kollar på bröllopsbilder som föreställer personer du inte känner, då vet du att fotografen är ett proffs.

Mette, du är one of a kind.

Kram från reportern nere i Båstad

2008-05-23 @ 11:57:26
Postat av: Sarasnaran

I'm amazed by how you capture the wormth in the coldest april in years.
The priest said it all.
Wonderful, beautiful, fantastic!

And the Stephen and Linda - I wish you the very best in your new lives as a married couple. =)

2008-05-23 @ 14:03:28
Postat av: Kristina

Wonderful pictures Mette! You're a real pro-photografer. "Tears in my eyes..."
Thanks Linda and Stephen for letting me being part of your big day. The beginning pictures from the salon are excellent PR as well...
BIG love!
Hugs/ Stinafina- "Lindas stylist" (Ha ha ha!)

2008-05-24 @ 20:23:26
Postat av: Jenny

Bedårande vackra bröllopsfotografier, som alltid. Tack tack tack för all inspiration.

2008-05-25 @ 08:59:08
Postat av: Annie

Jättefina bröllopsfotografier. :)

2008-05-27 @ 16:21:31
Postat av: Helen Gillham

what a wonderful day it was, and the photos you took help us to re+live it whenever we wish.
The first time I saw them I got all teary again!!! We have shown them to many of our friends who say how lovely they are.
We will keep these for ever.
Helen and Brian, Stephens parents

2008-05-27 @ 18:48:55
Postat av: Camilla

Oh, vad vackert! Super bra bilder, fast tacksamma motiv!

Kram Camilla (fladdict)

2008-10-06 @ 21:09:01
Postat av: Mikadzuki

Bilden med pojke och tårtan... Fantastiskt fin.... Alla var fina, btw!

Det är händelsevis inte Jesh de Rox texturer du använt? Tänkte på spegelbilden. Funderar på att köpa dem själv och blev lite nyfiken. :)

2009-03-24 @ 17:27:59

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