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This post will be in English for the American friends of the family!

Last week on Wednesday, Tindra Felicia was born at Helsingborgs hospital. The day after, when she was only 24 hrs old, I went there to photograph her and her very proud parents Malin and Mathias.

Not everyone gets to be a model at such a young age, but she is an absolute honey! Meet Felicia:


There can't be many things better than this (for both of them):




Or this (although Felicia seems to say "So what, modeling is nothing!"):


And she has already learned to make funny faces for the photographer:


No, seriously - she's so sweet and tiny and although she weighed exactly what she should, it was almost nothing compared to the babies I usually photograph!


She even fit in a Happy Easter Egg!


Here's how small she is compared to Daddy's hand:





After the tough modeling session she fell asleep but right before we caught a glimpse of her eyes:



Looks so peaceful, doesn't it? The sun rays are softly falling in through the windows, right on her little face:


One of the great things about Felicia is that we will meet again when she is two weeks old - more pictures to come next week! By then I hope her brother Elias will also be joining us.

Thank you so much, Malin and Mathias, for giving me the opportunity and trust to come visit you and your sweet daughter already at the hospital! See you on April 2nd for the next photoshoot!

PS. For the commentors: don't you think it would be great (if possible) to make all the comments for this post in English as well? Malin and Mathias lived in Texas for six years, and I think their friends would love to read what you are commenting! Thank you for your courtesy!

Postat av: Mathias

Great photos, Mette! We so appreciate that you were able to do this shot. It'll be a wonderful memory of her first day alive! Thanks!

2008-03-25 @ 20:33:45
Postat av: Holly

Little Felicia is just adorable!
I had totally forgotten about taking black and whites of Mally!
The b & w's of Felicia are so sweet!
They show her little personality already.
We can't wait to meet her and kiss those little toes.

2008-03-25 @ 21:02:26
URL: http://butterpea.blog.com
Postat av: Lisa in Dallas

These are such beautiful photos! We really feel as if we were there for Felicia's very first day. A moving experience. Thanks for sharing them. :-)

2008-03-25 @ 21:04:08
Postat av: Elizabeth

There are few words for something so beautiful as a newborn!
We can't wait to meet her this summer!
I'll show the girls the photos and then i'm sure they'll have some comments to contribute too!

2008-03-25 @ 21:36:08
Postat av: Hannah & Leah in Dallas

I love you.
I like your pictures. I love Baby Elias because he is a big boy. I love Baby Felicia because she is so cute. I miss Malin and Mathias. Love, Hannah

i've got a lot to say but i want to go eat snack now. Love, Leah

2008-03-25 @ 21:44:59
Postat av: Julia Green

Guud! Bilderna är helt fantastiskt söta!

2008-03-25 @ 22:05:10
Postat av: Liz in Dallas

Hej Felicia! Grattis på födelsedag!
Jag har hört så mycket om dig!
Okay y'all, I wasn't sure if Felicia was speaking English yet.
I said hi and happy birthday and told her I've heard so much about her.
I think.
Unless I asked her where the toilet is.
The photos are beautiful.
Felicia is a beauty.

Postat av: Ullis

Oh, these are truly amazing pictures! What an adorable little baby girl! To be honest, I rarely find one day old babies too beautiful, but you have really managed to catch the beauty in this one. I resign - new borns CAN be a beauty to look at! Welcome to your life journey, Felicia!

2008-03-26 @ 17:11:24
Postat av: Cousin Putte


just wanted to say congratulations to malin and mathias!

she looks soo cute and the pictures looks great!
can´t wait for this summer so we can welcome her to the crazy family. haha!

love , Putte

ps . I loved leahs comment by the way!

2008-03-26 @ 21:06:35
Postat av: Isabella

Sötis! What a sweety you are Felicia! I'm looking forward to meet you very soon!

And to Mette, wonderful pictures!

A big hug from bella

2008-03-26 @ 21:51:42
Postat av: Jan-Ingvar i Svalöv

Yes she is very cute!The photos really are adorable, Mette! I am proud to say that i
have seen her and even fondled her. How lucky I am!!! Who am I? I am the proud grandfather. (Mathias father)I am looking forward to see you all fantastic americans in Sweden this summer.
I know how much Malin and Mathias miss you all.

2008-03-27 @ 18:49:56
Postat av: * M E T T E *

Thank you SO much everyone for your kind words about the images! It really makes the photographer VERY happy and filled with joy!

Best regards,


2008-03-27 @ 19:08:56
URL: http://mettesfoto.blogg.se
Postat av: jin-ya huang

best model ever, bar none! (well, the parents ain't bad either...=) neiman marcus quality for sure. the camera just loves her. congratulations, mathias, malin & elias! we'll look forward to meeting lang's girlfriend soon. love always, jin-ya, rick & baby lang

2008-03-27 @ 23:07:31
Postat av: meta ottosson

I love Felicia, The Happy, in the Easter egg!

2008-03-28 @ 02:05:11

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